Sunday, January 20, 2019
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16 Posts That’ll Blow Your Mind At Least A Little

"Holy shiiiiiiii..." —You, reading these

Comedian DL Hughley Says An Issue With #MeToo Is That “Women Don’t Believe Women”

Comedian D.L. Hughley said he finds the #MeToo movement to be "disingenuous" not because of the men that it has taken down, but because of the men — and the support system behind them — whose power still remains unaffected. Appearing on BuzzFeed News' Profile on Sunday night, Hughley expanded on his recent tweets about…

Tune into our iPhone event liveblog on Wednesday at 1PM ET!

Is it that time of year again? My, that was fast. We are already in the second week of September, which means Engadget and the rest of the tech press are about to converge on Apple Park to hear all about the next generation of iPhones. In addition to new handsets -- there are reportedly…

Amazon opens its next cashier-less store in Chicago

The first Go store opened on January 22nd, after the company worked to iron out the kinks in its retail model. But the speed of the rollout has increased, with stores opening in both August and September in Amazon's home town of Seattle. Given the speed at which the company is rolling out, we don't…

For A Lot Of Muslim Republicans, Their Party’s Over

Muslim voters in the GOP are wondering how, or whether, to cast ballots at a time of anti-Muslim rhetoric from politicians in their own party.

Watch NASA test Orion’s parachutes by dropping it from a plane

For Wednesday's event, NASA will drop an Orion test capsule from a C-17 military aircraft at an altitude of over six miles. It will be used to verify that the capsule's 11 parachutes, cannon-like mortars and pyrotechnic devices deploy in sequence during the landing procedure. Each element in the sequence has to work perfectly to…

Nintendo unveils $60 wireless NES controllers for the Switch

If you want a classic NES gameplay experience on the Switch, be prepared to shell out $60. Nintendo announced new wireless NES controllers today as an exclusive for subscribers of the Switch's online service. From what we can tell from the Nintendo Direct presentation, they seem to be an accurate rendition of the classic console…

29 Aww-Worthy Things You Can Definitely Afford

Promising review: "Love, love, love these barre socks! These are my go-to socks for when I do Pure Barre. I also wear them when I practice yoga on my hardwoods in my home. They are thin, comfy, and most importantly stick great so there is no slipping and sliding. Not to mention, they are super…

23 Rebels We Should All Acknowledge And Respect

Middle fingers up!
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