Sunday, January 20, 2019
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People Are Sharing Relationship Signs You Shouldn’t Ignore On Twitter And It’s True AF

People Are Sharing Relationship Signs You Shouldn't Ignore On Twitter And It's True AF

People Are Obsessed With Ariana Grande’s Forehead And She’s Not Here For It At...

People Were Making Fun Of Ariana Grande's Forehead And She Was Not Having It At All

Build A Chipotle Burrito Bowl And We’ll Tell You Your Moral Alignment

The fastest way to a person's soul is through their burrito bowl.

Four Americans And A Guide Are Dead In Costa Rica Bachelor Party Rafting Accident

Four Americans on a bachelor party trip to Costa Rica and a local guide died in a white water rafting accident that survivors described as "a living nightmare." The Costa Rican Judicial Investigation Organization said that three recreational rafts flipped on the Naranjo River in Quepos on Saturday afternoon, ultimately leaving five dead. Government officials…

Which Fall Color Are You?

Fall colors are the best!

How Well Do You Remember Taylor Swift’s “Red”?

Correct! Wrong! The secret message for "22" is "ASHLEY DIANNA CLAIRE SELENA". The song was dedicated to Taylor's friends Ashley Avignone, Dianna Agron, Claire Kislinger, and Selena Gomez. Tap to play GIF Tap to play GIF Via Big Machine Records /

With the iPhone XR, Apple broadens its ‘best’

"If we're going to push the upper boundaries with XS and XS Max to make something the best, how do we make something that's more affordable for a larger audience? To make the overall iPhone audience even larger? What choices can we make and still make it a phone that people can hold and say,…

Thieves steal a Tesla Model S by hacking the entry fob

Tesla has recently implemented features to deter passive entry theft, but the owner sheepishly admitted he didn't use them. Namely, he failed to activate the "PIN to drive" feature that requires a further code before you can drive off. He also left passive entry -- which opens the car when you walk up to it…

Google Home Hub review: A more personal smart display

There's no getting around it: The Home Hub is small. Compared with the 10-inch Google-powered displays that came before it, the 7-inch screen looks positively tiny. The Home Hub looks like a phablet on a stand, so much so that a colleague wondered if the display could be detached and used like a tablet (it…
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