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Hi guys! I’m Farrah, and I’m a big fan of Lush. From their bath bombs to their skincare line, I can’t get enough. So when I received the opportunity to go to the BIGGEST Lush location in the world, I was like, helllllll yeah sign me up, baby.

More commonly known as the Lush Showcase, this is sort of a conference/megastore/FULL Lush experience all mixed together that happens once a year for two days only. Anyone can go! There is SO MUCH TO SEE AND DO.

To give you an idea HOW big this thing is, here is an aerial view of just the makeup section…

…and the hair and skincare section. AND THIS WAS ONLY A QUARTER OF THE SPACE.

This is how I got up there for those shots, by the way. BATH BOMB HOT AIR* BALLOONS!

Farrah Penn / BuzzFeed

*OK, we were really being pulled up by very strong mechanics BUT YOU GET IT.

One of the coolest things about this showcase is getting an exclusive look at BRAND. NEW. BATH BOMBS. Specifically, these gorgeous and delightfully-smelling gems will only be available in Lush’s new concept shop in Tokyo that ONLY sells bath bombs, but customers had opportunities to purchase them here.

Farrah Penn / BuzzFeed

From left, top to bottom: Kitsune, Hulder, Royalty, and Black Rose.

But similar to all Lush locations, you CAN ask the Lush experts what products they’d recommend for your specific skin type, whether you’re looking for skincare items or makeup.

HOWEVER, you will find items that may not be offered in your regional locations! I learned so much about Lush makeup I had no idea existed, like these Lush Slap Sticks for full coverage.

Farrah Penn / BuzzFeed

Currently, these beauties are only available in Australia, Japan, Hong Kong, New Zealand, and some European countries — but our team put ’em to the test already!

Another thing you can’t do at just ANY Lush store is have someone customize your hair routine, including a wash and style with products that are the right fit for your hair.

Farrah Penn / BuzzFeed

And, again, you get to play around with products that might not be available in your region just yet!

So… I DID IT, OF COURSE! Everything from the shampoo, conditioner, to hot oil treatment, to hair products and protectants were picked out for me based on my hair type. And it was luxurious.

The end result was voluminous, shiny, and smooth hair that smelled like a literal bath bomb.

Another incredible thing you can do is create your own fresh bath bomb. I’ll be honest. I didn’t know what this was at first, but I was INTRIGUED.

I found out the fresh bath bombs are just hollowed out bath bombs, and you’re able to choose a variety of flowers and greenery to take your bath to another level. I tried it out at home and my skin felt SO FREAKIN’ SOFT after.

Finally, the ENORMOUS shopping section allows you to purchase Lush items before they hit stores, like the newest items in the 2018 Christmas collection.

And super new items, like the Goddess bath bomb inspired by Ariana Grande’s “God Is A Woman” music video.

And, of course, you can shop your heart out with all the skincare items Lush has to offer.

There were also really cool interactive displays, like a giant slide and a room where you could jiggle each of the shower jellies.

Overall, there is SO MUCH to see and do and touch and try, and I walked out of there smelling like a fresh-as-hell bath bomb!!!

Farrah Penn / BuzzFeed

You can learn more about Lush’s annual showcase here!

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