Firefighters in China blasted a water cannon at a woman trying to jump from her building to coax her back in


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Firefighters in China blasted a water cannon at a woman who was trying to jump off her building to coax her back inside.

A video posted on Friday by the state-run People’s Daily newspaper showed a stream of water being sprayed at the woman, who the outlet says was straddling her fourth-floor window frame and trying to jump out.

This took place on Wednesday in the city of Wenzhou, eastern China, according to the newspaper. It is not clear why she was trying to jump.

Watch the video below:

The dramatic rescue came after firefighters attempted to coax the unnamed woman back inside for 30 minutes, but to no avail, the local public security bureau said in a Thursday statement.

One of the firefighters then climbed out of a window next door and appeared to talk to her. He can be seen dressed in black in the video.

The blast of water appeared to have worked on the woman, as she returned to her apartment shortly afterward. She was later seen by medical personnel nearby, the public security bureau said.

Another angle of the dramatic scene.
People’s Daily/Twitter

Chinese authorities have in the past employed unusual ways to prevent people from jumping out of their buildings.

When another woman in Nanjing city tried to jump out of her apartment earlier this year, a firefighter scaled down the side of the building and kicked her back inside.

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