Samsung launches three wireless AKG headphones in the US


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If you’re willing to shell out a few Benjamins for an immersive listening experience, though, you’ll probably prefer the premium over-ear model making its way to retail stores later this year. The N700NC has adaptive noise canceling you can activate with the push of a button. In case you don’t want to block the world around you and want to remain aware of your environment, especially if you’re in public, you can simply leave it off.

According to Samsung and Harman, the N700NC has a 20-hour battery life, though it’s unclear if that’s with adaptive noise cancelling switched on. The Y500 can potentially last longer (up to 33 hours), though, while the Y100 earbuds can last up to eight. You can buy the Y500 on-ear and the Y100 in-ear models for $150 and $100, respectively. The N700NC will set you back $350 when it arrives in the coming months.

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