Polaroid’s OneStep+ instant camera makes remote selfies possible


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Polaroid Originals is calling these its “creative tools,” and each is designed to turn an analog camera into a digital one. That said, the good thing about the OneStep+ is that you don’t have to use it with a phone if you don’t want to — as long as you have film, you can take as many pictures as you want. The OneStep+ comes with two lenses (portrait and landscape), and you can switch between them by simply hitting a physical toggle located on the top of the camera. On the back of the device, you of course have a viewfinder, an on/off button and a microUSB slot to charge it.

Overall, it looks quite similar to the OneStep2, with the main differences being the black body with a rainbow stripe and the Bluetooth button next to the flash. Pairing the camera to my iPhone was easy and only took about two seconds. Once you’ve done that, aside from being able to use the manual or double exposure modes, you can get more information about your camera on the app, like how much batter or film you have left. That alone makes the digital aspect of the OneStep+ worthwhile.

If you’re interested, the OneStep+ is shipping now for $160. But you should remember that each i-Type cartridge, which contains eight shots, is $16, so this could turn into an expensive hobby if you’re not careful. Better start thinking about which of your friends are going to be worthy of your film.

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